Like Eden

When I speak of simple, I mean simple.  Simple has been distorted.  When I say simple, people nod their heads sagely and agree while thinking of quick and cheap. 


When I speak of simple, I mean simple.  Simple has been distorted.  When I say simple, people nod their heads sagely and agree while thinking of quick and cheap.

Granted simple, today has been reduced to finding and recognizing what’s left of, well, simple.  If you look hard enough, you can find simple.  It’s the age of the entrepreneur (which rhymes with manure) who built their factories and made their millions.  They built their factories over the drained cornfields that were once the greatest gardens in the United States – the Limberlost.  There are traces left here and there on the surface, and the Limberlost strengthens beneath the rusting facilities of man, trust me there.

Can you follow me at all?  Simple is one table and one chair with no roof and no window; especially no window that picture frames nature and worries man into thinking that everything must remain the same.

Oh, and by the way, simple cannot be taught, you need to remember simple.  You won’t by the way; you will lament the idea and live on anger, confusing the whole concept with fate.

We still have the rich and the poor, the foolish and the wise, the extravagant and the simple.  Nothing has changed in humanity, and nothing has changed on the earth, it all just looks different; that’s what makes deception successful and immortality work.

One hundred years ago most would shake their heads and think me mad (I am) and walk away, but today I am patronized even admired.  I don’t care what they said one hundred years ago, or yesterday, I’m the living proof of immortality waiting on the rise of the Limberlost.

“We all have our own truth man; I like your style.”  I hear “truth,” all the time.  Idiot-speak, but I keep quiet being immortal.

By style, most admire the table and chair I made from using the wooden slats and rusted nails that were thrown into a heap outside the back door of some RV manufacturer.  Thanks, by the way.

But immortality and what the hell does that have to do with the Limberlost, right?

Well, let me explain.  I believe in God, but we had a falling out some time ago.  The mortal believes in God only as a pacifier because they cannot withstand change. So, they grip God in a subconscious dive at death.  I think that those who believe in God and any and all representatives of God long for death.  Trust me on this; I see it all the time.

That belief is not for me.  Though I believe God exists I’ve chosen to ignore Him and live forever.  I can you know and I will, with the tangle of the Limberlost and the sure knowledge that I’ll have the blessing of all those who believe God is a transcendental force, like the gone Limberlost, like Eden if you will.

You know it wasn’t my intention to destroy that place, I just thought it would be better without the human factor.  Still do, and I’m gaining.


Author: SK Woodiwiss and SW Woodiwiss

We are writers. We love flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and novels. We love to write ghost stories but have tried our hand at simple conversations, inner fears and peeked into the madness of the mind. Our greatest love is the novel and its ability to explore character development. We simply enjoy the writing process.

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