It’s just the high cost of maintenance, ya know?

The color, man you would not believe the color.  I know red is red but red is not red in nature.  The almost white pink defines what must be the lack of oxygen and the deep scarlet means the screams of down-and-out terror.  I knew a woman once who, when really afraid, would try to scream and nothing would come out but this raspy, I’m-gonna-die sorta sob.

Then there is the deep red.  The almost beautiful black, bottomless red that exemplifies eternity.

Eternity man, eternity.  It is swirling around my head like music you used to like but now hate because like anything good, I mean sound busting good; they end up playing too loud and too often.

The high cost of maintenance in livin’ too long.  When will you live within our means?  I need a pulpit, I need a stage, I need a spotlight and I need to cry it out: “when will YOU live within your means?”  I’m not talking money.  Money is something that will be here when you are dead.  And dead.  Money is earned, stolen, begged or inherited.  In whatever way you have it, there’s not enough and you’re pissed-off about it because that’s how people are.  What I’m talking about is living within your means.  Your means.  Your means.

Can’t you live with what you’ve got the backbone to take?  Can’t you look at the woman across from you and say, hey, I love her because I don’t have the guts to go ask that beauty queen for a date.  You know that’s what women want.  I mean real women, they want you to ask and ask politely.  Why do you see couples that are all wrong together?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Some fast talking, skinny, sweaty guy hit the girl up just when she felt sure she’d die alone.  So she grabbed up what she thought was her last chance when all along there were men that would have died for her if they had had enough backbone to tell her so.

What the hell does this have to do with several shades of red?

Let me tell you.

I’m the son of a bitch who doesn’t care about you or the girl or if you live happily ever after.  I’m the guy you hate forever because I live forever.  I’m the guy that your sweet girl longs for but realizes when I take the living force right out of her, I’m evil.  I’m not romantic, I’m not misunderstood, I’m evil, and that’s what makes the taking so good.

But the maintenance is high.  It’s very high because I keep moving, I stay out of the sun and I put up with the slow-witted and the whining world that doesn’t believe in evil until they meet me.  I guess it’s just become too easy.


Author: SK Woodiwiss and SW Woodiwiss

We are writers. We love flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and novels. We love to write ghost stories but have tried our hand at simple conversations, inner fears and peeked into the madness of the mind. Our greatest love is the novel and its ability to explore character development. We simply enjoy the writing process.

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